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Founder & CEO

Ryan Wright, a seasoned attorney and business owner for over a decade, currently serves as the managing attorney for ARWI Legal, PLLC, a Texas law firm specializing in providing business formation, contracting, and planning services for solution-driven and socially impactful organizations, startups, and entrepreneurs across the state. With a background in co-founding and managing a successful boutique criminal defense and family law firm, she demonstrated exceptional leadership by overseeing daily operations and establishing crucial legal internship and paralegal externship programs. As a dedicated advocate for service, Ryan is a founding member and service committee chair of the Rotary Club of Innovation, actively leading coordinated service projects and volunteer efforts. Notably, she is the founder of The Texas Greenhouse Project, a for-profit social enterprise addressing housing needs for LGBTQ+ young adults between the ages of 19-24 emerging from foster care, and she co-founded Serving Roses Charity Inc., where she currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors, aiming to dismantle foster care pipelines. Holding a Doctorate in Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Ryan is an innovative business attorney and proud queer Black woman with a passion for connecting entrepreneurs with resources to legitimize, grow, and protect their ventures.

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kristal mtaza

Chairperson, Advisory Board

Kristal, the driving force behind Kaykey Commercial Solutions as the CEO/Commercial Realtor and managing Partner of Glasskey Investments, an investment firm and former partner of OnTarget Capital Group, a private equity fund with an AUM of $35 million, specialized in impactful investments across various sectors. As the Co-Founder, she brings a wealth of knowledge from completing a program in Mergers & Acquisitions at Columbia University in 2023 and a Masters in Human Resource Management with a Concentration area of Organizational Change & Development at Strayer University. Kristal is also the founder and Executive Director of Houston Strong Children Services, a non-profit foster care and adoption agency established during Hurricane Harvey. She is on the board of the Texas Foster Family Association & Healthy families and a member of Pretty Girls Rock Investment Group and a strong advocate in preventing Human Trafficking. With a background as a former Stockbroker, licensed Commercial Realtor, and Investor, she combines her expertise to advocate for impactful investments, higher education, and combatting human trafficking. Her future initiatives include launching a $100 million Real Estate Fund and establishing a SMART Community Center for youth in 2024. Notably, Kristal is dedicated to advancing the needs of the committed participants of The Texas Greenhouse Project, embodying her good intentions to create positive change.

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