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At The Texas Greenhouse Project (TGP), we are committed to transforming communities through our unique blend of compassion, innovation, and sustainability. Our Transitional Housing Mission is built on a trauma-informed approach, fostering growth in neglected community members with the core values of service, integrity, and freedom. TGP stands at the forefront of innovative community revitalization. Our mission transcends traditional housing solutions, focusing on empowering the underrepresented and underestimated through advanced, technology-driven living spaces. We are pioneering a new era of Smart City development, where our projects not only offer shelter but also a holistic lifestyle encompassing sustainable agriculture, retail opportunities, and comprehensive support services. At TGP, we're not just constructing buildings; we're cultivating a future where technology, social justice, and community wellness converge to create a thriving, inclusive environment for all.

Meet the team

Explore the profiles of our dedicated team members, where you can discover the passionate individuals making heartfelt decisions to care for and support those committed to the vision of The Texas Greenhouse Project.

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